School's Out Day Camp

Grades K–5 | Glen Echo Park

School is out, but the office is still open…What to do? Hire a sitter? Forget about that! Send your kids to come play with Adventure Theatre MTC and put your hours in at the office worry free – your kids will thank you (and so will your boss)!
Drop off at 8:50am, Pick-up at 4pm




School's Out is sold out for the Winter Break Break session.

WHAT YOU'LL GET for only $63–75 per day:


A full day of theatrical activities


Receipt for dependent care expense accounts


An 11 am performance of our main stage show (when available)*


One low price, and


No hassle from the boss





Spring Break School's Out

April 10

April 11*

April 12

April 13

April 14


Sign up for School's Out at
Glen Echo Park!