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Q: What are your hours of operations?
A: Business Hours
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Box Office Hours:
Tuesday - Friday 10 a.m . - 4 p.m.
Saturdays 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Sundays 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.


Registrar Hours:
Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Productions and Academy offerings, at certain times, happen outside of regular business hours.


For tickets/general information, visit


Call Box Office/Main: 301.634.2270
Call Academy: 301.251.5766


Q: Do you have an e-newsletter or mailing list where I can find out what's happening?
A: Yes. Join our weekly e-newsletter.


Q: Where is your building located?
A: ATMTC has two locations. It is very important that you double check the location where your program will take place.

Adventure Theatre MTC-Glen Echo Park

7300 MacArthur Blvd.

Glen Echo, MD 20812

Box Office/Main Phone: 301.634.2270


Professional Productions are held at this location.


Adventure Theatre MTC–Wintergreen Plaza

837-D Rockville Pike

Rockville, MD 20852

Academy Phone: 301.251.5766


ATMTC Academy programming is primarily held at this location.


Occasionally, our Student Productions, Professional Productions and Academy offerings may happen at various other venues in the DC Metro Area.


Q: If your theatre is located in a park, is the theatre indoors? Do you have A/C and heat?

A: The theatre is an indoor theatre that does have temperature control.


Q: Where can I park?

A: Free parking in both locations is close by.


Q: How can I get there driving/public transit/etc?

A: Our Glen Echo Park location is accessible by a short Ride On Bus #29 ride from WMATA’s Bethesda Metro (excluding Sat. And Sun.) or Friendship Height Metro Station.

Our Wintergreen Plaza location is a short walk or a short Ride On Bus #46 towards Medical Center from WMATA’s Rockville Station. For more information, including driving directions, bus routes and, Metro info, click here.


Q: Do you program in other locations?

A: ATMTC’s programs may be offered at additional locations in the DC region.


Q: Is your facility available for rental?

A: Yes it is, but with very limited availability due to our own programming. Visit our Rent Our Space for more information or Our People to contact our Sales & Outreach Coordinator.


Q: Does ATMTC have Birthday Party rentals?

A: Yes. Visit us here for more information.


Q: Do you sell concessions?

A: Not in Glen Echo Park. Glen Echo Park has a café open during certain months of the year. The ATMTC Academy does have vending snacks available and several nearby restaurants. At performances in other locations, ATMTC may sell concessions. For more information, visit Plan Your Visit.


Q: Does ATMTC make donations to silent auctions?

A: ATMTC will consider all donation requests, but due to the number of requests, please submit your solicitation for donations at least 3 months in advance. Please email your request letters and procurement forms to or send paper mail to the Glen Echo Park address listed. Include the date of your event, a contact person, and an explanation of what or who the event benefits.


Q: Where do you receive your funding? Doesn’t it come from the National Park Service?

A: ATMTC receives funding through individual, corporate, business and foundation contributions. Additional support is made possible through state and county grants. ATMTC does not receive monetary support from the National Park Service.


Q: Will ATMTC perform a show at my (hospital, office, school, nursery, etc.)?

A: ATMTC offers several theater residencies, workshops and performances throughout the DC Metro Area. For visiting performances, see our Pre-Professional Program for information about booking student performing ensembles or At Your School for information about ATMTC residencies and/or curricular tie-ins for your students.


The Theater & Performance FAQ

Q: How can I buy tickets?

A: Tickets may be purchased online at or by phone at 301.634.2270.


Q: Can I purchase a subscription?

A: ATMTC's subscription option is our Flexpass to get discounts for Professional Productions. You may schedule your Flexpass tickets like a subscription.


Q: I see it says “Online Sales Sold Out” on your website, does that mean I can purchase tickets at the door?

A: Unfortunately, if you see that ATMTC is sold out online, that means ATMTC is completely sold out of tickets. ATMTC does not hold any tickets for sale on the performance date. If you see the show is sold out, please visit us another date/time.


Q: Do children perform in your Professional Productions?

A: Occasionally, when a script calls for “age appropriate casting” ATMTC will consider child actors for our Professional Productions. Students do perform in Student Productions. Visit our Work With Us page or Student Auditions pages for more information about auditioning.


Q: Where do you find your actors for performances?

A: The actors in our Professional Productions are professionals working in the DC region. Most performers in our Student Productions train in our Academy, though some come from elsewhere in the community. All of our performers go through an extensive audition/selection process and are cast at the sole discretion of ATMTC staff and artists. Click for more information about auditioning for our Professional Productions or Student Productions.


Q: Are you the company that puts on puppet shows?

A: No. Although ATMTC occasionally uses puppets in their performances, we primarily use adult actors as characters in our plays.


Q: How many people can your theatre accommodate?

A: The theatre in Glen Echo Park accommodates approximately 165 patrons with general seating. This theatre has an intimate arena style seating with benches. Patrons are no more than eight (8) rows away from the stage making every seat in the house a good one. At times, the front row center section is reserved for “birthday party guests” who pay an additional fee. To book your birthday party with ATMTC, visit Birthday Parties.


Q: How long do your shows run?

A: ATMTC’s Professional Productions generally last about an hour. Visit our Now Showing page for more information about our current productions.


Q: Do the patrons get to meet the actors after the show?

A: On the weekends, the actors in the Professional Productions will sometimes greet patrons after the performance. ATMTC does not guarantee that patrons will have the opportunity to meet the actors.


Q: Do you have group discounts?

A: A: Yes. Visit us here for more information.


Q: What happens if I can’t make the performance? Can I exchange my tickets or get a refund?

A: Tickets may be exchanged for another performance of the same title up to 48 hours (two-business days) before the performance you are scheduled to attend. If you are exchanging your tickets for a date earlier than listed on your ticket, simply contact the box office before the day you wish to attend. ATMTC does not offer credits for missed performances. All exchanges are subject to availability. There may be a service charge for changing tickets. There are no refunds.


Q: What happens when I miss a performance?

A: Tickets for missed performances are not exchangeable or refundable.


Q: Can I get a refund for unused tickets?

A: Tickets are non-refundable, but feel free to turn them in to the box office before the performance. If we can resell your unused tickets, the value can be considered a charitable gift to ATMTC.


Q: How do I redeem a coupon, voucher, pass book ticket or auction item?

A: To redeem your item call, 301.634.2270


Q: What happens if I am late for a performance?

A: ATMTC understands that sometimes lateness is unavoidable. ATMTC will do its best to seat you regardless of how late you are, however, please know that this can be distracting to the actors and other patrons and house management will do its best to seat you in a timely fashion.


Q: How far in advance should I order my tickets?

A: Last season, ATMTC sold at 96% capacity. ATMTC suggests ordering tickets in advance.


Q: Who do I call if I have other Ticketing questions?

A: Our box office can be reached at 301.634.2270.


Q: I see that you have age recommendations for your shows. What if my child is younger than the recommended age? Can I still bring my child to the theatre?

A: ATMTC makes age recommendations based on subject matter, staff recommendations, parent recommendations, school curriculum tie-ins and other theatre companies around the country’s recommendations. It is the responsibility of each and every parent to deem the appropriateness of the material for their child. ATMTC hopes that if there is material that does not suit your parenting styles you will use the live theater experience as a bonding and teaching moment. All attendees, regardless of age, require a purchased ticket.


Q: Does my child who just turned one require a purchased ticket?

A: Everyone who enters the theatre requires a ticket regardless of age.


Q: How do I know if my child will like a show?

A: Most children love theatre, and they are natural performers and likewise enjoy watching live actors on stage. Our Professional Productions are based on popular stories (books, films, songs and poems) that your child may already know. You can experience these stories with your child before attending the performance. Each patron will receive a pre-performance email with games, puzzles, useful information about the show. This will help you prepare your child for the live theater experience. Our Student Productions are shows that already exist in the Broadway cannon of work. The content of these shows can be found by researching on-line. If you are unsure, just call our box office to discuss the material and how best to prepare for the show.


Q: What if my young child gets scared and starts to cry?

A: ATMTC understands that some children are experiencing live theatre for the first time. Sometimes these experiences can be scary. If your child gets scared, kindly escort them to the lobby, so as not to disturb other patrons. Our lobby in Glen Echo is equipped with a TV monitor that allows you and your child to watch the play.


Q: It's my first time, what should I wear? What should I expect?

A: A lot of people coming to Adventure Theatre MTC for the first time have a lot of questions. Please visit the Plan Your Visit page for additional information. Overall, you can wear what you would wear to go to the movies (shirt and shoes required). Fancy dress is NOT required.


Q: Is food allowed in the theatre?

A: No, food is not allowed in the theatre. If your child requires a snack, you may bring them out to the lobby.


The Academy FAQ (Classes, Camps, Workshops, Etc.)

This information and more is covered in our Class Policy page.


Q: How do I register my child for camps, classes, and workshops?

A: Registering your child can be done online through ATMTC’s website at ATMTC’s Academy does not accept registrations by walk-in, fax, phone, or mail. Students are enrolled upon receipt of registration form and payment in full. You will receive registration confirmation via email. No further notification will be given unless a class is filled or cancelled.


Q: Does my child need to have prior drama experience?

A: ATMTC’s classes, camps and workshops are a great fit for children with and without prior experience. Certain classes and camps have prerequisites or require placements, but there is an entry point for all ages.


Q: What if I just want to try a class?

A: ATMTC does not allow students to audit classes. Contact our Education Directors for more information about the best fit for your child.


Q: Is there a performance at the end of the camp session?

A: While our camps, workshops and classes emphasize the process of theatre over the product, ATMTC sometimes offer final sharings, recitals or performances. Some performances require ticketing. Please check the website for more information.



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